It is never that easy to find the most appropriate products for your puppies. This is mainly because there are so many items of that kind for you to choose from. Regardless of the outlet, you walk into; be it at the department store, big-box retailer, or pet boutique, you will plenty of such products. Examples of them include the doggy haute couture, dog toys, and plush beds, to mention but a few!


To prevent the likelihood of spending lavishly on your dog, you might want to narrow to the bare minimum essential items. We have identified and are going to explain them here below:




#1: Collar and Leash


The collar and the leash both play vital roles in the wellbeing of your puppy. They jointly hold the identification tag of your puppy as well as the license. These two also contain your name as the pet owner and the telephone contacts. The collar attaches to the leash and in so doing, enables you to walk your puppy conveniently.


If you have never used a collar before, you are advised to try out the adjustable Nylon type. This should possess a two-piece buckle. The collar should also fit comfortably to forestall the possibility of falling off. It should however not be too tight as to jeopardize your pup. Test its tightness by fitting in two of your fingers between the collar and the neck of the pup. You will also have to replace the collar as your pup grows older. This is to prevent it from being suffocated.


The leash plays the role of controlling and guiding the pup while walking with it or training it to be obedient. It attaches to the collar. A good leash ought to be strong and well made. The same case should apply to the hardware which connects the leash to the collar. To allow you to handle it comfortably, the leash should ideally contain a loop that is easier to hold and grip. Perhaps the best leash to utilize in your first try is the shorter 4-foot type. Extend the length periodically as your pup grows.


#2: Crates and Containment


These two equipment are a ‘must have’ for any dog owner. They jointly confine your new pup to a designated location. This allows you to appropriately monitor and train the pup. You will also need to supplement this two equipment with a carrier, exercise pen, gate, and playpen. This is to enhance their efficacy.


Needless to say, the best crates and containment have to be strong and durable. As such, they have to be manufactured using the strong and reliable plastic, stainless steel, and fiberglass materials. Stainless steel containment and crates are the longest lasting. However, they are heavier and bulkier to handle with ease.


For this reason, your better bets are the fiberglass and lightweight plastic varieties. They confer some degree of safety and security for your puppy as you drive or fly. They also imitate the comfortable and warm den, more so if you complement it with a blanket or a soft bed.


In the process of selecting a carrier or a crate, be sure to let your pup be able to stand upright, turn around, lie down, and stretch inside. This stems from the fact that dogs need enough room to stay comfortable inasmuch as they prefer closed spaces.


Just in case you are unable to monitor your puppy, you may also consider purchasing a pen or any other baby gate to contain him. The exercise wire pens are a set of portable wire panels which limit your puppies to designated areas. They are adjustable and can fit just about any other size. The baby gates which barricade restricted areas prevent the pups from roaming around where he is not wanted to.


#3: Dog Bed


On your pup’s first night at your home, it will need a comfortable bed to lay its head on. In the process of housetraining it, you will have to let it sleep in the kernel or the crate. Bumpers or smaller beds that are covered in fleece or sheepskin are designed for this very purpose. They maintain the pups in a warm condition as they sleep.


After training your dog, it will have to graduate from the crate to the real bed. You will, therefore, have to choose from a vast array of dog-sized couches, cushions, pillows, and memory foam mattresses. These items may even be matched to the interior décor of your home. In case you are too mindful of the environment, you may opt for those items that are stuffed with recyclable materials.


These include soda bottles or repurposed cotton. You may also opt for beds that contain cedar chips for mitigating odor and controlling insects. Most beds that are designed for dogs have washable covers and are also removable. Choose a small and medium-sized bed to make the dog feel comfortable and secure.


If your pup chews a lot while asleep, it may ingest some of the foam or stuffing. In this case, you have to remove the pup from the crate or take it away to prevent the possibility of blocking the intestines. Offer to it a blanket or a towel to let it sleep on instead. Do this until it exhausts the chewing stage.


#4: Food and Water Bowls


Needless to say, your pup will require plenty of food and water at all times. A variety of the food and water bowls are available from your pet specialty retailer. You have the option to select from stainless steel dishes to the ceramic glass bowls, and plastic crooks. All these feeding items have their advantages and potential downsides.


Crooks and plastic bowls are by far the cheapest options. You may clean and sanitize most of them in the dishwasher. However, they do harbor residue and bacteria particular so in the portions of the surfaces that are scratched or dented. You should, therefore, settle for a harder and dishwasher-safe bowl. Be sure to replace it as soon as it begins demonstrating signs of tear.


Ceramic dishware and the glass bowls are heavier. They will thus less likely serve as toys and are also pretty expensive. This is not to mention that they also break much easier than most other containers. Further to this, some ceramics also possess sizable chunks of lead which may inflict harm to your dog. You should, therefore, settle for a dishwasher-safe and lead-free type.


Stainless steel feeding bowls are by far the most preferred. They are the most expensive variety though. This is because they are stronger, easier to clean and sterilize. They are also too heavy for the pup to carry with its mouth. In light of this, many raised feeders, as well as other custom-carved bowl holders, are equipped with stainless steel bowls.


#5: Grooming Supplies


Notwithstanding the fact that your pup may still be too young, it may still require some grooming. This activity shall also let it learn how to behave. You will need to wash, comb, and brush its coat regularly. Other than these, you will also have to trim its toes, clean its ears, and brush its teeth. To prepare adequately for the grooming, you will have to equip yourself with the necessary grooming supplies and items. Here are a few of them:


• Blow-dryer

• Comb

• Nail clippers

• Toothbrush

• Towels


PS: Kindly store the above items in a safe place, preferably a plastic tote or any other container that is easy to access.


#6: Toys


Puppies adore play items regardless of whether they be a treat-dispensing toy, squeaky octopus, or stuffed lion. There are five main categories of toys. The first is the chew toys. These satisfy the need for the pets to gnaw. The hard-rubber toys are by far the most outstanding example of this.


The second category is the plush toys. These basically provide maximum comfort to the dogs. The most notable example is the stuffed animal. Rope and tug toys constitute the third category. They aid in flossing the teeth as the pup plays. The critical thinking toys form the fourth category. They basically engross your pup by releasing some play items to engage your pup at all times and also reward them for each feat they achieve. The fetching toys like the balls and flying discs are the last kinds of toys.


Given the many toys in existence, you should be careful with the kind of toy you settle for. Only select the most durable and well-made toys for your pups. You should also see to it that the size is nearly compatible with your pup. Remove any damaged portion of the toy immediately. This is because the exposed portions of the toys are ordinarily dangerous. They may thus inflict further harms to your pet or you. Moreover, the pet may also ingest the small and torn-off pieces, the stuffing, and the frayed rope toy strands.




It is necessary that you purchase the aforementioned items way before you bring your pup home. This is to give you time to play well with your pup. It is also necessary to let you welcome your pup appropriately.


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