7 Tips Every Smartphone Owner Should Know

There are general tips that every individual who owns a smartphone should know about. These tips are applicable to all kinds of phones whether Android phones, iPhones, Windows phone or any other phone in the market. Outlined below are some tips that will save your time and effort when accessing anything on your phone.



Back Up All Your Photos




Times have changed where you do not need to bear the risk of losing your photos through manual backups. Online backups are the way to go. You simply need to set your phone to back up all the images automatically. In this case, when your phone gets damaged or lost, you do not lose any photos. There are several platforms you can use to back up your phone.


Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox can automatically back up your photos on the cloud. However, you may experience some limitations on the amount of storage you can access. The Google+ app can be used for both iPhones and Android phones where there is no storage limitation. All you need to do is limit the resolution of the photos to 2018 pixels. Flickr provides you with 1 TB of storage for both pictures and videos of high resolution.


Technology has its downsides too. Sometimes you may lose your backed up information due to bugs. To avoid these, use more than one of the above back up services to store all your photos. Do not forget to back up your photos manually on your personal computer either.



Access Music from the Cloud





Store your music online to avoid paying for extra storage on your phone. Google Play Music allows you to store close to twenty thousand songs which can be accessed on iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones. Download the Google Music Manager Application and upload all your music. In case you require more storage, the Amazon Cloud Player app allows users to store over two hundred and fifty thousand songs at only twenty-five dollars annually. Additionally, you could make use Spotify, Beats Music or Rdio applications to create a personal music library for ten dollars a month.

Fortunately, these services allow you to download music and listen offline.



Alternative Browsers and Email Applications




We tend to stick to default phone applications instead of trying out other alternatives. More often than not you could find an application that suits all your needs. A few of these include:

Mailbox. This is an excellent alternative for iOS and Android phone users as it has a user-friendly interface. It allows you to access files from your Dropbox account, set reminds and dismiss emails with a simple swipe. Gmail, which is a product of Google also comes in handy too. It is much simpler to use on iOS instead of the phone's default mail app.


When it comes to browsers, Chrome and Firefox take the lead. They allow users to view open tabs on multiple devices. However, Firefox can only be used by Android users. Luckily, the Dolphin Browsers give you an option of having a desktop view on your phone. It also has add-ons and gesture controls that are very efficient.





Suppose your home screen looks chaotic. You just need a few minutes to organize everything.

The easiest way to arrange your applications is from your most favorite to your least favorite. Arrange your favorite app at in rows at the bottom of your home screen. Above these rows, you can create several folders that contain applications that you use often. These could include, calculator, reminders, and calendar. For the remaining apps, you can create individual screens, for example, one for games, e-books among others.



Use Your Phone as a Hotspot


Using your phone as a wireless hotspot could save you money. It will enable you to access the internet on your laptop and tablet. If you are using AT&T or Verizon, you could benefit from the shared data plan already. See our guide for more information regarding the costs.



Know Your Shortcuts



Chance are, there is a faster way to do or access thing on your phone. All you need to do is memorize the shortcuts on your phone. These include swiping, long-pressing and pinching the screen. For example, to access settings on your iPhone, you simply need to swipe up from the bottom. To access recently opened apps, you need to double tap the home button. For more information on shortcuts, visit iMore.





To access the notification panel, drag down the notification bar. It will display your messages, emails, and necessary updates. Each Android phone is different from the other depending on the brand. You need to establish which shortcuts run on your phone by playing around with it to discover new shortcuts and hidden gestures.



Do not Purchase Insurance


You phone salesman might convince you to buy insurance for your phone, do not fall for this trick. Put aside the insurance money in your savings account. This will help you have enough money for any repair or replacement that your phone may require. However, if you tend to lose your phone often, insurance should be a great idea.




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